Vision and Progress

Establishing Bampa’s House will take time, a great deal of effort, and of course, continuous funding. Other comfort care homes in the area have averaged 3 years of work before opening their doors to residents, and we hope to match or exceed that goal.

1 Year Vision corning-landmark

   Apply and receive approval for the 501c3 nonprofit organization, including establishing the Board of Directors and Committee chairs

  Begin fundraising to raise capital for the initial and  maintenance expenses

  Build awareness in the community and get the community involved

  Research the area for potential buildings/sites

3 Year Vision

  • Finalize a location and build/renovate to suit the needs of our comfort care home
  • Hire a director who will manage the home once it is open
  • Develop a network of volunteers
  • Create and deliver a training program for all employees and volunteers
  • Begin serving our first patients
  • Continue fundraising efforts by developing a plan for annual fundraising events

5 Year Vision

  • Maintain Bampa’s House as a resource for the Corning-Painted Post community
  • Continue growing the fundraising events
  • Become an active part of the Corning-Painted Post community

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